Keswick Choral Society Members Information

President: Vacant

Vice President: John Cooper Green

Chair: Helen Ball

Secretary: Lucy Scott

Treasurer: Alex Farrell

Press & Publicity Secretary: Anna Blackburn

Concert Secretary: Janice Eldridge 

Librarian: Gesa Blackmore

Membership Secretary: Mike Roulson

Vice chair: Mary Cooke

Musical Director: Ian Hare

Assistant Musical Director: Laurence Durston-Smith

Keswick Choral Society is a mixed voice choir for people in Keswick and the surrounding area.

  • We sing for two terms, each ending with a concert. We also take part in Evensongs at local churches and are sometimes invited to sing at other occasions
  • Rehearsals take place on Tuesdays at the Crosthwaite Parish Room next to the Co-op in Keswick from 7.00-9.00pm
  • New members should complete a membership form and existing members confirm/update contact details at the beginning of the Autumn, and, for health & safety purposes, should sign in at the beginning of the rehearsal
  • There is a refreshment break about 8pm, members are encouraged to take turns with the rota
  • The AGM takes place about 2/3 weeks into the Autumn Term
  • Social events: in past years these have been an annual dinner/lunch and a Summer Social event


Subscriptions are set each year. The Treasurer would prefer these to be paid for both terms in the Autumn as this aids financial management, but it is not compulsory. This year the cost is £80 (£40 per term).


Music Provision

Music is hired and distributed by the Librarian who will let you know in good time which edition will be used so that you can use your own if appropriate.


Concert Dress

Men: dark suits, KCS bow ties (provided by the society), black shoes & socks, white long/sleeved shirts

Women: black trousers or long skirts, black socks or tights, black tops, black jackets or cardigans if required

Leaving the Society

The Musical Director reserves the right to ask a member to leave if they are struggling to learn the music or attend rehearsals. Members leaving the KCS should inform the Membership Secretary, Mike Roulson,, 01931 714457, and return music with plastic wallets and music folders to the Librarian, and bow-ties to the Secretary.

Contacting Keswick Choral Society

The choral society email address is


Health and Safety

The policy is displayed on the notice board and fire regulations are announced as appropriate. Members should let one of the committee know if they have any problems or requirements.

Equal opportunities

The KCS is an equal opportunities organisation.

Data Protection

The policy is displayed on the noticeboard and there is a section concerning this on the Membership Form.