The History of Keswick Choral Society

Keswick Choral Society Past Performances
YearDatePerformance typePrincipal work(s)ComposerVenueNotes
202427/4/24Springtime Prom ConcertGloria
Let the Bright Seraphim
Laudate Dominum
Poulenc, Handel, Mozart, Britten, Elgar, Faure, Rutter, Parry, StanfordSt John's Church, KeswickProm style concert with popular favourites
202312/12/23Festival of Christmas MusicSelection of seasonal music including extracts from Bach Christmas Oratorio and carols by local composersVariousSt John's Church, Keswick
14/5/23EvensongKendal Parish Church
22/4/23Spring concert: Choral FavouritesOld HundredthVaughan WilliamsSt John’s Church, KeswickCoronation of King Charles III
Songs & Sonnets after ShakespeareGeorge Shearing
O Thou the central orbIreland
202213/12/22Festival of Christmas MusicFantasia on Christmas carolsVaughan WilliamsCrosthwaite Church
Messiah (extracts)Handel
6/11/22EvensongPreces and ResponsesSmith of DurhamSt Patrick’s Church, Patterdale
Cantate DominoPitoni
O Thou the central orbWood
Canticles in Bb, Psalm 150Stanford
7/5/22Celebrating the JubileeCoronation MassMozartSt John’s, KeswickPlatinum Jubilee of Queen
GloriaVivaldiElizabeth II
Springtime in LakelandHare
20/3/22EvensongPreces and ResponsesSmith of DurhamSt Andrew, Borrowdale
O Saviour of the worldSomervell
Almighty & everlasting GodGibbons
Canticles in E flat no 2Wood
2021Festival of Christmas MusicMessiah (extracts)Handelwith readings
202018/4/20Performances cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemicMass in CBeethovenTBC
Springtime in LakelandHare
Feel the SpiritBurton
All in the April eveningRoberton
201911/5/19Spring concertElijahMendelssohnSt John’s, Keswick
7/4/19EvensongPreces and ResponsesSmith of DurhamSt Andrew’s, Dacre
Ave verum corpusMozart
Canticles in CStanford
He that shall endure to the endMendelssohn
201820/12/18CarolsLakehead Court
11/12/18Festival of Christmas MusicGloriaVivaldiCrosthwaite Church
Love came down at ChristmasHare
I was gladParry
10/11/18Remembrance Meditation: Armistice CentenaryRequiemFaureSt John’s, Keswickplus readings
Greater love hath no manIreland
14/10/18Choral EvensongCanticles in CVaughan WilliamsSt Oswald’s, Grasmere
For the beauty of the earthRutter
13/10/18Catherine Marshall: suffragist - a celebrationMarch of the WomenSmythHawes End, Portinscale
Litanei auf das Fest AlleseelenSchubert
6/5/18Choral EvensongCanticles in B minorNobleSt Oswald’s, Grasmere
O Lord, increase my faithLoosemore
The heavens are tellingHaydn
28/4/18Spring concertThe CreationHaydnTheatre by the Lake
201712/12/17Festival of Christmas MusicMesse de MinuitCharpentierSt John’s, Keswick
14/10/17Choral EvensongCanticles in B minorNobleCarlisle Cathedral
I will lift up mine eyesHare
6/5/17Spring concertCantique de Jean RacineFaureSt John’s, Keswick
BenediciteAndrew Carter
Panis angelicasFranck
Psaume XXIVLili Boulanger
Selections from:Gilbert & Sullivan
1/4/17Cumbria Rural ChoirsStabat MaterRossiniAndrew Padmore conductor
Messa di GloriaPuccini
201615/12/16CarolsLakehead Court
13/12/16Festival of Christmas MusicMissa Sancti NicolaeHaydnCrosthwaite Church
Sussex CarolVaughan Williams
The little road to BethlehemHead
Tomorrow shall be my dancing dayJohn Gardiner
Sing with joy - a carol for Christmastidehare
Mary’s boy childJester Hairston
White ChristmasBerlin
The twelve days of ChristmasTrad
16/10/16Choral EvensongO Holy Spirit, Lord of graceTyeSt Patrick’s Patterdale
Canticles in E flatWood
O Thou the central orbWood
5/3/16Cumbria Rural ChoirsRequiemSaint-SaensSt Cuthbert, Carlisle
23/4/16Spring concertMass in CBeethovenSt John’s, Keswick
Jubilate deoBritten
Hear my prayerMendelssohn
Songs & Sonnets after ShakespeareGeorge Shearing
8/2/16Choral EvensongPreces and ResponsesSmith of DurhamSt Patrick’s Patterdale
Canticles in E flatWood
Evening HymnBalfour-Gardiner
Lord for Thy tender mercies’ sakeFarrant
201515/12/15Festival of Christmas MusicChristmas Oratorio - Part 2BachCrosthwaite Church
Sing with joy - a carol for ChristmastideHare
Sussex CarolLedger
The shepherds’ farewellBerlioz
The three kingsCornelius
Good King WenceslasPiae Cantiones
In the bleak midwinterDarke
We wish you a merry ChristmasEnglish trad
11/10/15Harvest Festival EvensongCanticles in E flatWoodCrosthwaite Church
Cantate DominoPitoni
The heavens are tellingHaydn
18/4/15Spring concertFive mystical songsVaughan WilliamsSt John’s, Keswick
Te deumBizet
O praise the Lord with one consentHandel
Psalm 150Franck
21/3/15Cumbria Rural ChoirsElijahMendelssohnSt John, Carlisle
8/2/15Choral EvensongSt Patrick’s Patterdale
201418/12/14CarolsLakehead Court
16/12/14Festival of Christmas MusicChristus natus estMcDowallCrosthwaite Church
Welcome YuleParry
Psallite unigenitoPraetorius
Jesus springingChilcott
In dulci jubiloPearsall
Angel’s carolRutter
10/5/14Spring concertRequiemFaureSt John’s, Keswick
The Spirit of EnglandElgar
Feel the Spiritarr. Burton
9/2/14Choral EvensongPreces and ResponsesSmith of DurhamSt Patrick’s Patterdale
Cantate DominoPitoni
Give us the wings of faithBullock
201317/12/2013Festival of Christmas MusicCeremony of CarolsBrittenCrosthwaite Church
Cantate DominoSchutz
What sweeter musicRutter
The oxenHare
17/11/13MessiahHandelTheatre by the Lake
27/4/13Spring concert: Viennese MusicTe deum in CHaydn
Little Organ MassHaydn
Laudate DominumMozart
Mass in GSchubert
Psalm 23Schubert
9/3/13Cumbria Rural ChoirsGloriaRutter
Salisbury VespersChilcott
3/2/13Choral EvensongPreces and ResponsesSmith of DurhamSt Lawrence, Morland
When to the templeEccard
Canticles in D minorWalmisley
Lo star-led chiefsCrotch
201218/12/12Festival of Christmas MusicSleepers wake! (Cantata 140)BachCrosthwaite Church
A spotless roseHowells
O holy nightAdam
14/12/12CarolsLakehead Court
18/11/2012Choral EvensongPreces and ResponsesSmith of DurhamSt Mary, Thornthwaite
Except there Lord build the houseHare
Canticles in CStanford
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceSS Wesley
20/10/12Cumbria Rural ChoirsMessiahHandelSt Cuthbert, CarlisleCome and sing fundraiser
19/5/12Spring concertThe Music MakersElgarSt John’s, Keswick
O Lord make Thy servant ElizabethByrd
Blest pair of sirensParry
Beati quorum viaStanford
31/3/12Cumbria Rural ChoirsGerman RequiemBrahmsSt Cuthbert, Carlisle
Zadok the priestHandel
The king shall rejoiceHandel
26/2/12Choral EvensongPreces and ResponsesSmith of DurhamSt Mary, Threlkeld
Remember not, Lord, our offencesPurcell
Short ServiceGibbons
Rejoice in the Lord alwaysRedford (attrib)
201120/12/11Festival of Christmas MusicGloriaVivaldiCrosthwaite Church
Lux aurumqueWhitacre
Candlelight CarolRutter
Hodie Christus natus estSweelinck
Christmas BellsCarolyn Sparey
16/12/11CarolsvariousLakehead Court
13/11/11MessiahHandelTheatre by the Lake
22/5/11King James Bible: a celebrationThe heavens are tellingHaydnSt Bega, Bassenthwaite
If ye love meTallis
Worthy is the LambHandel
14/5/11Spring concertGloriaPoulenc
Christ be with meHare
Cumbrian CanticleHare
The Sound of Music (excerpts)Rodgers
12/3/11Cumbria Rural ChoirsI was gladParrySt Cuthbert, CarlisleIan Hare conductor
Stabat MaterPalestrina
Singet dem HerrnBach
27/2/11Choral EvensongPreces and ResponsesSmith of DurhamSt Lawrence, Morland
Cantate DominoPitoni
Canticles in CStanford
Of a rose, a lovely roseRutter
201021/12/10CarolsLakehead Court
16/12/10Festival of Christmas MusicMagnificatPergolesiCrosthwaite Church
Messiah (extracts)Handel
O magnum mysteriumLauridsen
Christmas BellsCarolyn Sparey
7/11/10Choral EvensongPreces and ResponsesSmith of DurhamSt Andrew, Borrowdale
Call to remembranceFarrant
Canticles in E flatWood
Greater love hath no manIreland
16/10/10Cumbria Rural ChoirsThe CreationHaydnSt John’s, KeswickCome and sing fundraiser
24/4/10Spring concertCoronation MassMozartSt John’s, Keswick
Messa di GloriaPuccini
13/3/10Cumbria Rural ChoirsAfrican sanctusFanshaweSands Centre Carlisle
Dona nobis pacemFanshawe
Cumbrian CanticleHare
28/2/10Choral EvensongPreces and ResponsesTallisSt Bega, Bassenthwaite
Hide not Thou Thy face from meFarrant
O Thou the central orbWood
20096/12/09A Festival of Christmas MusicMessiah (extracts)Handel& carols for choir & audience
Fantasia on Christmas carolsVaughan Williams
Laetemur animoPhillip Cooke
Up! Good Christen folkPiae Cantiones
Gabriel’s messagePettman
In dulci jubiloPearsall/Bach
Sans day carolRutter
Starlight carolSeivewright
27/9/09WeddingPanis angelicusFrancknot statedRachael & Stuart
9/5/09Spring concertNelson MassHaydnSt John’s, Keswick
Hymn of PraiseMendelssohn
14/3/09Cumbria Rural ChoirsSaint NicolasBrittenSt John’s, KeswickSimon Wright conductor
Te deumCarter
Springtime in FunenNielsen
1/3/09Choral Evensong: St David’s DayPreces and ResponsesTallisSt Andrew, Borrowdale
Psalm 150Stanford
Canticles in B minorNoble
Give us the wings of faithBullock
201820/12/08Christmas ConcertSaint NicolasBritten& carols for choir & audience
Ding dong! Merrily on highC16 French , arr Wood
Before the paling of the starsHare
Ye olde songRobert Jarman
Angels from HeavenSeivewright
We wish you a merry Christmastrad arr Warrell
13/12/08CarolsLakehead Court
18/10/08Cumbria Rural ChoirsMessiahHandelSt John’s, KeswickIan Hare conductor
12/5/08Service of ThanksgivingRequiemFaureSt John’s, Keswickfor Lionel Nutley aged 101
5/4/08Spring concertRequiemFaure
Panis angelicusFranck
Cantique de Jean RacineFaure
The Vale of KeswickHare
8/3/08Cumbria Rural ChoirsMass in B minorBachSands Centre CarlisleSimon Halsey conductor
200719/12/07Christmas ConcertGloriaVivaldi& carols for choir & audience
A babe is bornMathias
A Fellside carolRichardson
A maiden most gentlearr Carter
Starlight carolSeivewright
The Christmas TreeCornelius
Christmas is comingWalford Davies
14/4/07A Spring ConcertMass in GSchubertSouthey Street Methodist Churchvarious anthems & songs
Blessed be the God and FatherSS Wesley
Greater love hath no manIreland
The evening primroseBritten
All in the April eveningRoberton
I will lift up mine eyesHare
Climb every mountainRodgers
24/3/07Cumbria Rural ChoirsMesse SolennelleRossiniSands Centre CarlisleNigel Perrin conductor
200620/12/06Joy to the WorldChristmas Oratorio (extracts)BachCrosthwaite Church& carols for audience
Joy to the worldHare
Gabriel’s messagePettman
O leave your sheeparr Kitson
The three kingsCornelius
Tres magi de gentibusC S Lang
In the bleak midwinterDarke
17/6/06Mozart 250RequiemMozartSt John’s, Keswickwith Wigton Choral Society
Solemn VespersMozart
Ave verum CorpusMozart
1/4/06Cumbria Rural ChoirsThe Armed ManJenkinsSands Centre CarlisleSimon Wright conductor
Mass of the ChildrenRutter
200520/12/05Christmas ConcertA Christmas CantataGeoffrey BushCrosthwaite Church& carols for choir & audience
O magnum mysteriumCooke
Away in a mangerKirkpatrick
In the bleak midwinterDarke
Holy Jesu Son of GodCarol Smith-Tunnicliffe
King Jesus had a gardenDutch trad
Star carolRutter
25/3/05Passiontide ConcertMessiah (extracts)HandelSouthey Street Methodist Church
Crux fidelisJohn of Portugal
Ave verum corpusElgar
Drop, drop slow tearsGibbons
O Saviour of the worldGoss
And I saw a new heavenBainton
All in the April eveningRoberton
5/3/05Cumbria Rural ChoirsTe deumVaughan WilliamsCarlisle CathedralStephen Cleobury conductor
Stabat MaterScarlatti
Missa ChoralisLiszt
200421/12/04Christmas ConcertChristmas DayHolstCrosthwaite Church
17/4/04Spring concertCaptain Noah and his Floating Zoo
Anthems for Eastertidevarious
27/3/04Cumbria Rural ChoirsRequiemVerdiSands Centre CarlislePhilip Ledger conductor
200317/12/03Christmas ConcertFantasia on Christmas carolsVaughan WilliamsSt John’s, Keswickvarious carols
Messiah (extracts)Handel
Shepherds in the fields abidingarr Willcocks
The holly and the ivyarr Walford Davies
The Lord God planted a garden eastwardGraham Bull
Joy to the worldHare
The three kingsCornelius
Starlight carolSeivewright
12/4/03A Spring ConcertRequiemFaure
Cantique de Jean RacineFaure
Panis angelicusFranck
Steal away to jesusTippett
Chichester PsalmsBernstein
29/3/03Cumbria Rural ChoirsChichester PsalmsBernsteinnot stated
Rio GrandeConstant Lambert
Spirituals from A Child of Our TimeTippett
200218/12/02Music for ChristmasOn Christmas nightEnglish trad.& carols for audience
Up! Good Christen folkPiae Cantiones
A maiden most gentleCarter
Still, still, stillGerman, arr Ledger
Past three o’clockEnglish trad
O leave your sheepKitson
Star carolRutter
Hallelujah ChorusHandel
23/3/02Music for PassiontideThe Cross of Christ
16/3/02Cumbria Rural ChoirsNelson MassHaydnSands Centre CarlisleNigel Perrin conductor
Song for AtheneTavener
200119/12/01Christmas ConcertChristmas Oratorio (extracts)Bach
7/4/01Spring concertLittle Organ MassHaydnCrosthwaite Churchanthems & madrigals
200020/10/00Carols for Christmas at CrosthwaiteA maiden most gentleCarterCrosthwaite Churchmusic and readings
King Jesus had a gardenarr Wood
Still, still, stillarr Ledger
Rise up shepherd and followarr Rutter
In the bleak midwinterDarke
Spiritual ChristmasCarolyn Smith-Tunnicliffe
Messiah (extracts)Handel
14/10/00BT Voices for HospicesMessiahHandelCarlisle Sands Centre
8/4/00Music & SongGloriaVivaldi
Zadok the priestHandel
Let thy hand be strengthenedHandel
199911/12/1999Joy to the Worldnot statedCrosthwaite Church
2/10/99Come ye with joyfulnessPitoniCrosthwaite Churchplus spirituals and organ music
Except the Lord build the houseHare
Te Deum in B flatStanford
17/4/99All in the April EveningMass in GSchubertCrosthwaite Churchvarious music and song
199817/12/98Carols for Christmas at CrosthwaiteMessiah excerpts & carolsCrosthwaite Church
4/4/98CrucifixionStainerBorrowdale Church
195521/12/55MessiahHandelRawnsley HallKeswick Further Education Committee Choral Class
1914Mr HW Brown took over from Freeman
190711/4/07ElijahMendelssohnQueen of the Lakes PavilionKeswick Choral Harmonist Society
18661866Choral Society revivedMr P T Freeman conducted and trained for many years. Many members were illiterate but apparently capable soloistsAnnual concerts of songs, glees & carols; then MessiahCrosthwaite Churchwith Cockermouth Harmonic Society
185419/9/54A wedding celebrationMarking the marriage of TD Harford-Battersby (incumbent of Keswick St John) and Mary Forbesunspecified “entertainment”outside the (old) library opposite St John’s schoolroomsee Keswick Characters Vol 3, p. 80
1840Choral Society foundedConducted by: (1) members, and later (2) Mr J Fisher Crosthwaite